'Iolani Grace

The Heart Alchemist

   Who I Am ~

" I Am 'Iolani Grace, the Heart Alchemist. I am an International Healer, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Rebirther, Dancer, Teacher and Inspired Group Facilitator. I love to empower everyone to connect with the true Power within, trust and love deeply and express your authentic self and unique gifts in this world.
My entire life, I've celebrated the human heart, body, mind and spirit. Dance has always been my passion and prayer. My heart, body and nature are my temple and expression for my soul.
For 40 years, I have joyously assisted thousands to navigate and align their bodies, hearts and minds with Grace, harnessing their Inner connection, innate power and intuition, fulfilling their true calling and purpose in life."

'Iolani Grace is gifted in her sacred facilitation and teaching of techniques she has created maximizing sustainable shifts physically, mentally and emotionally allowing more of our true self to be express.  

‘Iolani Grace dedicates her life to the love, empowerment, unity and freedom of our global tribe. She stands as a protector of Life and a bridge of cultures connecting ancient wisdom to all peoples, bringing forth the new dreaming together. She has acted in service of the Elders and Indigenous Cultures throughout Hawai'i, North America and Australia for over 30 years, and is sanctified and respected in her offerings.

‘Iolani Grace is active in facilitating ceremonial and experiential workshops at festivals in Australia and America, some including:  Rainbow Serpent Festival, Earth Frequency Festival, Island Elements Festival, Seven Sisters Festival, Byron Bay and Sydney Spirit Festival, Nunyarra Festival, Splendor in the Grass, Wild Honey Dance Festival, and many more. She has also facilitated workshops and performed in festivals and expos in America.

   I am The Heart Alchemist ~

" Our heart is our place of true power and wisdom. To peal away old layers, heal and re-integrate ourselves with sacred alchemy is not difficult or painful as one may think. As we re-align and balance our hearts and minds, while present in our bodies, we are able to navigate the intensity of today's world harmoniously with peace. Being aware, connected and skillful in ourselves and our lives is key to living a healthy successful life.

My cultivated ability to be connected and present in this way has literally saved my life in more than one occasion! I trust my intuition and inner knowing a million fold and this proves correct over and over again. The more I listen within, trust and respond, the more glorious my life is. The safer I truly am in each moment.


I am 'Iolani Grace. This is my work. I have created LifeShift to assist and empower people to make the necessary shifts and freedom from unhealthy limiting thoughts, feelings and patterns. Thus creating the space as we create new pathways for the wholeness, worthiness and confidence of of who you truly are to emerge Gracefully into this world. You come home to you. Truly."

"I love creating magical sacred spaces live or virtually, 1 - 1, in couples or collective groups, to remember who you truly are, heal and love yourself free. Such a joyous experience of family.


In this I offer practical daily tools to create peace, harmony and success manifesting your hopes, dreams and aspirations. If this is something you would like to experience and develop more in yourself. Please come journey with me."


Many around the world are grateful for 'Iolani's compassion, insight, encouragement and all embracing love supporting their life transformation and personal empowerment.

   What I Offer & How ~

I offer opportunities for you to achieve greater confidence, peace, clarity, and success in yourself and your life! Are you ready to peal away all that you are not with ease and grace and step into your True Authentic power and self expression. You and your gifts are being called into the world!
‘Iolani Grace facilitates empowering Rite of Passage healing's, workshops, trainings and retreats.
Privates, Couples & Synergy in Group Facilitation
Long Distance, virtual or in person 
  • 'Life Shift' Healing & Coaching: Private & Couples
  • Shamanic Healing Workshops & Sessions
  • Care Connection & Communication Workshops
  • Trance Dance & Breath Journeys
  • Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance
  • Various Ceremonies for Community Events & Retreats
  • Shamanic Journey Yoga
  • Shamanic Healing Breath & Healing Movement
  • Rite of Passage Bodywork Sessions & Training
  • Lomilomi Haloa Sessions & Training
  • Sacred Women’s Retreats
  • Over 50's Women's Retreats
  • WON Retreats for Women who have been sexually abused
  • Couples Workshops and Retreats
  • Re-birthing Breathwork & Hands On Healing
  • On Line Programs coming soon!
Ceremonies and Sacred Rites of Passage are some of the ways 'Iolani brings her gifts into the world empowering many. Since 1980, 'Iolani Grace has Internationally created and taught dance infused with her passion for shamanic healing, indigenous culture, transformation and personal empowerment.
Are you having an event or gathering?  Would you like an intentional ceremony or offering to suit your event with 'Iolani Grace?
Would you like 'Iolani Grace to bring any of her offerings to your platform, area, event or festival?
'iolani grace. The Heart Alchemist. Free

   How I got where I am today ~

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, California in 1962 , 'Iolani experienced a great passion for nature, indigenous culture, spirituality, healing and dance from a young age. Having a natural gift with encouragement from her dear parents, 'Iolani developed her Inner Power to trust and create what seemed impossible in her body and her life.


At 16, 'Iolani began dancing professionally ballet and modern dance in companies in California, New York City, Switzerland and Israel. Companies 'Iolani Grace danced in are: Palo Alto Dance Theater, California, Basel Ballet Co. Switzerland, Bat Sheva Dance Co. Israel, Peridance Ensemble, NYC. She has also performed in Carnegie Hall and been featured in television shows in America and Japan.

After a full life of travel and professional dance, continuing in NYC 'Iolani hit bottom with her addiction and suppression with food then later drugs. Caving inside for 9 years of bulimia and several years with drugs she began a new journey of healing and recovery. From here a new life began. 'Iolani dove in full force to save her life. After years of feeling, oceans of tears and complete devotion to her healing journey, 'Iolani studied the most effective transformational healing modalities she now teaches and has created some of her own based upon what is most powerful in her own healing journey. If you are challenged and suffering, please know that you are not alone. 'Iolani has been there and can hold your hand as you rise up and shine again!

One of 'Iolani's Shaman teachers Edgar Delgado, from Mexico who was a student of Carlos Castanedos, wrote a poem for 'Iolani which spoke of her ability to dive deep with anyone to the very depth of the ocean where only few dared to go, to hold your hand and bring you up again to soar in the freedom of the stars. This was touching for 'Iolani and also true. 'Iolani is not afraid to go very very deep with grace and does this daily in her own life. It is from this depth that great wisdom is harvested and offered in its abundance to the world.

'Iolani Grace has experienced many tragic deaths in her family and community as well as a particularly horrific life changing event in Oct 2002 right after her 40th birthday celebration. More can be share on this if there is purpose. However the point to share in this moment is one of inspiration and hope. 'Iolani has been from the depths of trauma, terror, pain, limitation and suffering to heights of victoriously achieving the seeming impossible through out her life. It is a truly a miracle she is alive. 'Iolani has the compassion, care, skill, wisdom and illumination to assist you to Rise as well into your true empowerment, freedom, purpose and joy!

It is with great love and respect and a humble heart 'Iolani Grace honours her world renown teachers and healers some include; Richard Gibson, Igal Perry, Cliff Keuter, 12 Step Programs, Interfaith Ministries NYC, Sondra Ray, Valnn Dayne, Bill Tourvund, Edgar Delgado, Mark Powers, Lyndia Asbury, Dr Jack Knocks, Dr Ronayne Loderous, Hariette Sakuma, Kumu Hula Punahlele Andrade, Kumu Keli'i Tau'a, Kahu Abraham Kawai'i, Ho'okahi Tamara Stevens, Kumu Brenda Mohalapua Ignacio, Lame Deer, Uncle Bob Randall, Paramahansa Yogananda, Gurumayi, the Radiant Rose Academy and a whole Host of Angels, Ascended Masters, Elemental Beings, Mother Nature, my beautiful son Angel, my family and wonderful community of friends and so many more! Life and Spirit is my daily teacher and I am a continual student of Life, Light and Love.


‘Iolani Grace has recently returned to America to be of service after living 12 incredible years in Australia. She is offering on site and virtual private and couples 'Life Shift' Healing & Coaching, and virtually leading transformational group workshops, retreats, events and teaching shamanic healing arts worldwide. 

'Iolani Grace is also reignited her passion for the arts diving into acting, writing, singing, dancing and music. There is much more to come! It's never too late to full fill your dreams. 


"It is my hearts desire to bring more love, peace, inspiration, light and hope into this world! It would be my honour to support and encourage you in your personal empowerment and transformation. It is time to connect, remember and be fully You!"