LifeShift Healing & Coaching


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Shift your reality.

Change your life.



Would you Love to?


  • Shift old feelings, patterns, thoughts. 

  • Heal and free yourself.

  • Create yourself a new.

  • Manifest your dreams.

  • Increase your ability to connect and love.

  • Strengthen intuition.

  • Become a great communicator. 

  • Know your true self.

  • Reclaim your power.


I am 'Iolani Grace and this is my work. I would love to support you to love and free yourself! 


Each session is unique to meet your current needs. You will learn and apply tangible and practical ways to create peace, harmony, connection and joy in yourself and your life!


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The inner work that ‘Iolani has guided me through has given me a completely unexpected source of strength. She has showed me a way to find all the answers, beauty and clarity inside myself. This has allowed me to step through some very difficult conversations and life changes, with so much grace, peace and respect. Working with ‘Iolani has awakened a spiritual side of me that I have been longing to reignite. I am incredibly grateful for the role this has played in my life in recent months, and what I know it will do in the future. 


Life-shift healings with ‘Iolani Grace are at the same time deeply powerfully transformative and full of ease, grace, nurturing and love. 'Iolani guides you back home to yourself fluidly and consciously. Clearing energy that I have been holding on to and limitations I have felt in the past has energized my intention for moving through the world. It has given me a beautiful lens to look through many tools to carry with me on my journey connecting me to places beautiful and unseen. Thank you!