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Connecting with our Center!

Do you find yourself thinking, doing, and answering the outer world demands first? Then only to find yourself grumpy, disconnected and out of breath? Would you love a few simple ways to connect with yourself, become more present and breathe with greater ease?

Often in todays fast pace world we can move so quickly that we forget to breathe and take time for ourselves. Creating space to connect with ourselves, nature and our loved ones as a priority brings so much joy into our lives. When we move from our center and connected we can skillfully and consciously navigate our lives with greater ease.

Here's a few tips to help with Centering, Connecting and Living from the Inside out!:

1. Before hoping out of bed, place your hands on your heart and breathe deeply connecting with the Light and Love within your very heart. Take a few moments here to pour gratitude for life and love to yourself. Pouring love and gratitude goes a long way. Try this all throughout your day. Start with yourself. Then let that love and gratitude expand into your life and nature.

2. Choose peace. Say " I choose peace. I choose peace. I choose peace.Peace is the bridge to love. I choose love." Breathe into this!

3. Say yes to life! "I say yes to Life. I say yes to life. I say yes to life and life says yes to me in all its Victory!" Have fun with this one. deeply. Breathe This aligns us with our more fulfilling Divinely guided life.

4. Create time to be barefoot in nature or on you grass daily if possible.

5. Create time for yourself and those you love!

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