Rite of Passage Bodywork Training & Shamanic Journey

Take a breath and cross the line. Let go of past limitations and reclaim yourself fully!



Journey into you, your body temple, the land and celebrate with family: ‘Ohana!


Are you ready to let go of the branch and fly?


Join us for

the upcoming unique first time offered Lomilomi Haloa Training that takes you all the way into your successful new lifestyle and business. Inquire for the exciting details and to apply. Only 8 students will be accepted so lets talk and see if we are aligned!


Say Yes to you!

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'Iolani meaning Exalted Hawk in the Hawaiian mother language emphasizes the quality of leadership and professionalism offered from such an Exalted High Priestess.


'Iolani Grace creates a heavenly experience as she guides you in eloquent skillful fashion masterfully weaving deep age old practices into your daily life, feeling a sense of purpose and rebirth as you begin to access the realms of the ancients in time's gone by yet never forgotten.


I encourage you to embrace this opportunity as I have when 'Iolani comes knocking on the door of your heart, open it wide and allow your journey to take flight.


— Flash Wilson, Visionary Entrepreneur, Melbourne, VIC