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“Beautiful Iolani, I am taking this moment to express my epic Love & Gratitude to You & the Goddesses of your Home of Love that Reaches Far! I am deeply touched by your generosity, deeply moved by your impeccable ceremony & deeply transformed by the powerful healing that unfolded. To experience this exquisite journey with my daughters beside me in a shared & unified field was profound. I bow to You divine women training with you & the healing you are bringing through at this time on the planet. From my heart to yours Mahalo.” 

Deya Dova / Sacred Bass World Renown Electronic Singer Songwriter 

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia, International

"I feel so grateful to have met ‘Iolani and to learn from her. She is so attentive and loving to all moments of life that you feel her full presence. ‘Iolani quickly gained my complete confidence in her guidance, which has led me to a place of greater consciousness, attentiveness, lightness, and peace. Of course there is still much more to learn, and the Lomilomi lifestyle offers never ending ways of moving to more joy. When Lomilomi is taught by a truly amazing teacher like ‘Iolani, it is a true way to go forward in all aspects of life."

Alana Siddle, Melbourne, Vic, Australia

“I watched the work, I gave the work, I received the work, and all of those experiences moved me to tears. It is now completely natural to continue to do this work at home with friends. My life has transformed.”                                                        



 ~ Roberta Halpern, Author Teacher, Artist, Dancer, Lomilomi Haloa Practitioner

Chicago, USA

“I had long envied those who had described spiritual experiences, where they leave their bodies, meet their guides, feel completely surrounded by love, and that’s what Rev. ‘Iolani gave me. When I sat up on the table my first question was, ‘Is it still Tuesday?’ I felt like I had traveled through time and space and had been gone for days. It was magic, like the magic seen in movies and read about in books.

“When her hands touch you, it is the touch of peace. When her arms hold you, it is more love than a mother’s embrace. Your spirit expands and takes in more light and energy. I had always wanted to know my spirit and myself; I was given the keys and shown how to open the door.

“The experience lasts for weeks after, and the strength to reach for your heart’s desire never ebbs. It was an experience I couldn’t wait to tell people and encourage them to seek out.” 

~ Crissy Richmond, Wardrobe, Broadway Shows, NYC, America

“In the women’s intensive joyshop I was able to stretch beyond my limiting concepts and see my true self clearly. All that we shared together brought me to new levels of awareness, acceptance and freedom of myself and my feminine energy.”

Linda Barrett, NYC Options Trader, Stock Exchange, America

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