What if you could feel empowered to communicate with greater ease, harmony and presence? 

What if you could listen and hear yourself and others clearly? 


Imagine heartful, honest, empowering communication that increases connection, love and joy in your relationships! 

Transformational Workshops


Hawaiian Shamanic Healing Breath & Movement

This workshop includes:


  • Ka Lele - a healing breath and movement practice (meaning: to fly)

  • Learning Hawaiian shamanic practice

  • Joint opening and lengthening of the body

  • Sacred circle

This is an ancient kahuna practice involving breathe and movement patterns to connect us with the earth and the greater energies of who we are, within us and within life.

A Heart opening meditation in motion with unlimited benefits to your whole being!

  • Clearing & Building your Energy

  • Harmonize your feelings

  • Expand your mind

  • Shift Your Patterns

  • Increase your Joy

This is a foundational practice of Lomilomi Haloa, a ceremonial rite of passage bodywork journey.


'Iolani Grace has over 30 years of daily integration, application, training, private practice and teaching experience Internationally with the grace, blessings and encouragement of her teachers and elders.


Shamanic Journey Yoga

A Profound, Loving, & Healing Yoga Journey


In a shamanic way, we travel our consciousness, focus and heart energy into our body temples and nature, shifting our cellular structure.


We pour love, gratitude and care consciously to areas of our body that we are opening.


We listen deeply and increase our ability to truly hear on many levels.


Emotional experiences and blocked energy stored in the body become released with deep breathing and this shamanic awareness traveling practice.


Our body and whole being relaxes and opens into greater peace, life force, expansion and freedom


Shamanic Journey Yoga is powerful for increasing concentration, reclaiming the power of our minds and hearts, stress release, rejuvenation and alignment.


Shamanic Journey Yoga is like giving yourself a loving, healing massage! You feel open, energized, clear and ready for life! 


Trance Dance &

Breath Journey

A blind folded journey into YOU!



In this magical space with powerful music we will journey deep into our hearts, bodies and consciousness to free the blockages and limitations, moving into a new place of confidence, connection, freedom and joy.


Through Sacred Circle we will create our safe space, connection, synergy and intention for our Blind Folded Trance Dance and Life Shift Breathwork Journey. Now is the time to strengthen our inner peace, harmony and Inner Knowing. It’s time to LIVE the Life we have been dying to live. Come, free yourself from the old and step into the fullness of who you truly are!


If possible: please bring water, yoga mat, blanket, blindfold.



Couples Intimacy & Celebration Workshop

Are you ready for change in your relationship?


Are you calling for more intimacy, connection and passion?


Do you desire greater listening, harmony and love in your communications? 



Then journey with me in my couples LifeShift Healing & Coaching sessions and the Couples Intimacy & Celebration workshop. 


Phone sessions are always available.

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Care, Connection & Communication Workshop

  • Learn and apply practical ways to be centered, present and communicate effectively. 

  • Have a chance to share, be heard and receive support.

  • Discover new empowering languaging that honors everyone.

  •  Heal past triggers, finding new ways to navigate chunky moments.

  • Increase your heart connection and confidence.

  • Connect with and honour what you desire & require.

  • Deepen your ability to listen to your Self and others peacefully.

  • Reclaim your true authentic voice and self expression.

  • Learn to relax and increase connection through communication.