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Lomilomi Hāloa Ceremonial Sessions

A Shamanic Ceremonial Journey Home to YOU!


Every breath a prayer.

Every movement a ritual.

Every moment a choice. 

Each ceremonial journey is a Rite of Passage to your own freedom in deep connection with Spirit.

'Iolani Grace has a lifetime of shamanic journeying, connecting deeply with our body temples, heart
and soul to transform.
Ho'olohe, deep listening and responding to the Spirit call of your whole being choreographs this powerful dance.
Let your body, mind, and spirit be taken on a deep journey of transformation and healing.
This ceremonial experience honors the power of music, breath, movement and the profound ancient roots of Lomilomi Haloa bodywork to create alchemical magic that is sacred Rite of Passage Bodywork.

Reach out to 'Iolani to book your session or to coodinate a gift for a beloved in your life!

Rite of Passage Bodywork + Training

‘Iolani Grace has 30 years of Professional International Shamanic Healing and Bodywork experience as a practitioner and teacher. She tailors your bodywork session to suit your personal needs working from light flowing to deep tissue listening and responding to your body.


'Iolani is skilled in a variety of modalities and specializes as a practitioner and teacher of Hawaiian Principles, Shamanic Healing Arts, Lomilomi Hāloa, and has created her Rite of Passage style of Shamanic Bodywork. She uses her hands, forearms and elbows in a way that is nurturing, healing and tends to the call of your body, soothing aches and pains, returning peace to your mind, harmony to your emotions, and balance to your whole being. A true blessing!


Now is the time to be nurtured and connect with you. 

You can learn how to offer Rite of Passage Bodywork sessions during Shamanic Bodywork Trainings with 'Iolani Grace! These multiple-day trainings are perfect for those ready to step into personal mastery and expansion!


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Deya Dova / Sacred Bass World Electronic Singer Songwriter

Beautiful Iolani, I am taking this moment to express my epic Love & Gratitude to You & the Goddesses of the Sanctuary of Illumination! I am deeply touched by your generosity, deeply moved by your impeccable ceremony & deeply transformed by the powerful healing that unfolded. To experience this exquisite journey with my daughters beside me in a shared & unified field was profound. I bow to You divine women & the healing you are bringing through at this time on the planet. From my heart to yours Mahalo.


Mandi Gaston, Adelaide, South Australia

"Thanks Iolani for an epic session of dancing and healing work, it was like nothing I had experienced before. I enjoyed it immensely. I recommend this to anyone who is open to working with the energies and healing, exploring their deeper selves through dance and movement, and releasing anything that needs to be shifted in a safe and supportive environment.

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